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New Jersey is confronting a staggering public health crisis brought about by prescription opioid abuse. On February 15, 2017, P.L. 2017, c. 28, was signed into law, imposing certain restrictions on how opioids and other Schedule II controlled dangerous substances may be prescribed. In response to the new law, the Attorney General and New Jersey's prescribing boards adopted new rules designed to reduce the risk of addiction and the accumulation of opioids in the household medicine cabinets across the State, which are very often diverted for illegal use. Information about those rules, as well as guidance for prescribers and patients on safer pain medication prescribing practices is available.

The New Jersey Department of Health is committed to supporting communities in preventing fatal overdose. Below, you can find health information and resources for services and supplies to prevent overdose. If you or a loved one needs naloxone, click here for a list of pharmacies with access to free naloxone. You can also text/call 1-877-4NARCAN or click here to obtain a naloxone kit anonymously, for free, through the mail.

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See the Burlington County HOPE one program - you can schedule talks, receive free Narcan, counseling - all free.

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