Leaf Collection


            The season is upon us when leaves will begin to fall and cleanup is starting.  The following options are available for leaf disposal:
1.  Backyard composting is highly recommended and the compost generated may be used to enrich your lawn and garden soils.  Several homeowner composting bins are available in most lawn and garden supply stores.

 2.  Southampton Township provides curb-side service for leaf collection beginning November 1 and ending March 30.  The procedure is as follows:  Leaves must be bagged and not weigh more than 50 lbs.  Upon collection, if time allows, the collected bags will be opened at your residence and emptied into our leaf truck and the empty bags placed back on your property for disposal or reuse.  We will not empty bags containing sticks, bottles, dirt, roots, etc.
3. You must call the Southampton Township office (609 859-2736) and be placed on the list for pickup.  Once placed on the list the leaves will be picked up within a week.
Leaf bags must be placed separately from your regular trash and be at the curb for collection (excluding holidays and weather permitting).


            The Public Works Department requests your patience and cooperation with our leaf collection program.