General Election Frequently Asked Questions

2020 General Election Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain my ballot?

All ballots will be mailed by Monday, October 5, 2020.  If you have not received your ballot by October 13th please call 609-265-5229 or email

How can I track my ballot?

Please go to to sign up to track and check on the status of your ballot using your personal My Voter Record account. Please note you do not need any information from your ballot to set up your account.

How can I register to vote, find my polling or drop box location?

Please go to for full details, drop box and polling locations, and more answers to frequently asked questions. You may also contact your local election officials, or call the Voter Information and Assistance Line at 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837). Please note the voter registration deadline is October 13th.

What do I do if my ballot arrived and it was not sealed?

The printing vendor used the wrong envelopes while preparing the Vote-by-mail ballots, which caused some of the outer envelopes to be ineffectively machine-sealed with defective tabs. The issue has since been remedied, however, an initial batch of ballots were mailed to voters in Evesham, Willingboro and Lumberton before this error was discovered.  The result is that some of the envelopes may come open during the mailing process, but the ballots themselves were not impacted.

If any ballot envelopes arrive and appear opened voters should check to make sure they contain a ballot, an instruction letter, a certified ballot envelope and a prepaid postage return envelope.  If they do not have a complete package, please call the County Clerk at 609-265-5229 and they will issue a new ballot.

What if I received the wrong ballot, or I mismarked, or tore my ballot?

Please call the County Clerk’s office at 609-265-5229 or email so you may be issued a new ballot.

What do I do if I receive two ballots?

The County has safeguards in place to ensure that each voter only cast one ballot, meaning that only one ballot will be accepted per voter.  Please hand deliver the other ballot to the County Clerk’s office at 50 Rancocas Road, Mt. Holly. If that is not possible please call 609-265-5229 for further instructions.

What do I do if there is a typo on the ballot or Certificate envelope?

Casting your ballot to vote in the election is the foremost priority, and typos on the certificate does not change the ability for your vote to count.

What if I received a ballot for a person that no longer lives at this address or is deceased?

Please mark the ballot as “deceased” or “no longer lives here” and send back to the sender.  This will alert the Commissioner of Registration (Superintendent of Elections) to start an investigation.  You may also call the Superintendent of Elections at 609-265-5111.

Do I have to vote for the Party I am registered with?

No, this is a General Election and you may vote for the candidate(s) of your choice.

 What if I removed the flap, perforated piece of my certificate, do I need a new ballot?

No, you may tape the flap back to your certificate envelope.  Be sure to sign it, place into the return envelope, and then drop it in the mail, drop box, hand deliver to the Board of Elections, or return it to your polling location on Election Day, November 3rd.

What do I do if I placed the certificate envelope in my return ballot but the return address is not showing?

Try to unseal the return envelope to turn the certificate around for the return address to appear in the window.  If that is not possible you are still able to place it in the mail or drop box.


Burlington County Ballots Mail Dates


Bass River-10/3/20

Florence Twp-10/3/20

Pemberton Twp-10/3/20

Beverly City-10/5/20

Hainesport Twp-10/5/20

Riverside Twp-10/5/20

Bordentown City-10/2/20

Lumberton Twp- 9/29/20

Riverton Twp-10/5/20

Bordentown Twp-10/3/20

Mansfield Twp-10/3/20

Shamong Twp-10/5/20

Burlington City-10/3/20

Maple Shade Twp- 10/2/20

Southampton Twp-10/3/20

Burlington Twp-10/2/20

Medford Lakes Boro-10/3/20

Springfield Twp-10/3/20

Chesterfield Twp-10/5/20

Medford Twp-10/2/20

Tabernacle Twp-10/5/20

Cinnaminson Twp-10/1/20


Washington Twp-10/2/20

Delanco Twp-10/5/20

Mt. Holly Twp-10/3/20

Westampton Twp-9/30/20

Delran Twp-10/3/20

Mt. Laurel Twp-10/2/20

Willingboro Twp-9/29/20

Eastampton Twp-10/2/20

New Hanover Twp-10/5/20

Woodland Twp-10/5/20

Edgewater Park Twp-10/2/20

North Hanover Twp-10/3/20

Wrightstown Boro-10/2/20

Evesham Twp-9/29/20

Palmyra Twp-10/3/20


Fieldsboro Boro-10/5/20

Pemberton Boro-10/3/20