Clerk & Administration

Kathleen Hoffman, Township Administrator/Clerk

Donna Fascenda, Administrative Assistant
(609) 859-2736

To use pod or dumpster on property – contact the Clerk's Office at (609) 859-2736

For Liquor Licenses see the ABC website for application:

Stormwater Management
Southampton Township Municipal Stormwater Management Plan
Ordinance 2021-03 - An Ordinance Providing for Stormwater Management
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Forms35 documents

  • Application for Email Notifications.pdf
    document Header Application for Email Notifications.pdf
  • Application for non-Genealogical Cert or Cert copy of Vital Records
    document Header Application for non-Genealogical Cert or Cert copy of Vital Records
  • Business/Rental Registry Form.pdf
    document Header Business/Rental Registry Form.pdf
  • Facility Use Application Packet
    document Header Facility Use Application Packet
  • Foreclosure Properties-Form.pdf
    document Header Foreclosure Properties-Form.pdf
  • Functional Needs Form - 2022.pdf
    document Header Functional Needs Form - 2022.pdf
  • OPRA Request
    document Header OPRA Request
  • Sign up for E-Mail Notifications
    document Header Sign up for E-Mail Notifications
  • TORT CLAIM FORM 2022.pdf
    document Header TORT CLAIM FORM 2022.pdf
  • Township Ordinances & Code Book
    document Header Township Ordinances & Code Book
  • Vote by Mail Application
    document Header Vote by Mail Application
  • Voter Registration Application
    document Header Voter Registration Application

Ordinance6 documents

  • Body Art Establishment Ordinance
    document Header Body Art Establishment Ordinance
  • Canvassing and Soliciting Ordinance
    document Header Canvassing and Soliciting Ordinance
  • Dog Ordinance
    document Header Dog Ordinance
  • Kennel Ordinance
    document Header Kennel Ordinance
  • Mobile Home Ordinance
    document Header Mobile Home Ordinance
  • Piggery Ordinance
    document Header Piggery Ordinance

Licensing Forms15 documents

  • Application for non-Genealogical Cert or Cert copy of Vital Records
    document Header Application for non-Genealogical Cert or Cert copy of Vital Records
  • Body Art Establishment Form
    document Header Body Art Establishment Form
  • Do Not Solicit Form
    document Header Do Not Solicit Form
  • Dog License Application 2022
    document Header Dog License Application 2022
  • Employment Application
    document Header Employment Application
  • Kennel Application
    document Header Kennel Application
  • Marriage License
    document Header Marriage License
  • Mobile Home Application
    document Header Mobile Home Application
  • New-Used Car Lot Application
    document Header New-Used Car Lot Application
  • Piggery Application
    document Header Piggery Application
  • Rent Landlord Application
    document Header Rent Landlord Application
  • Road Opening Application
    document Header Road Opening Application
  • Solicitation Application
    document Header Solicitation Application
  • Temporary Container Use Form
    document Header Temporary Container Use Form
  • Trailer or Truck Use Permit
    document Header Trailer or Truck Use Permit

Bingo/Raffle Application2 documents

  • Application for Bingo License
    document Header Application for Bingo License
  • Application for Raffle License
    document Header Application for Raffle License

Request for Proposals11 documents

  • Planning Board Attorney
    document Header Planning Board Attorney
  • Planning Board Engineer
    document Header Planning Board Engineer
  • Planning Board Planner
    document Header Planning Board Planner
  • Township Attorney
    document Header Township Attorney
  • Township Auditor
    document Header Township Auditor
  • Township Bond Counsel
    document Header Township Bond Counsel
  • Township Engineer
    document Header Township Engineer
  • Township Labor Counsel
    document Header Township Labor Counsel
  • Zoning Board Attorney
    document Header Zoning Board Attorney
  • Zoning Board Engineer
    document Header Zoning Board Engineer
  • Zoning Board Planner
    document Header Zoning Board Planner