Property Taxes Due May 1st

Dear Southampton Residents,

This a reminder that taxes are due May 1, 2020, you have a 10 day grace period. The last day of grace period will be on MONDAY, May 11, 2020.

If you have already paid or have a mortgage company that pays your taxes please disregard this notice. 

The taxes are still going to be due on May 1ST, the State doesn’t currently have any plans on being able to extend the grace period past the normal 10 days at this current time.

During this time, the office is CLOSED to the public. There are a few options on payments (see the list below). For anyone wanting or need receipts, please leave/send the ENTIRE Tax Bill and a Self-Addressed STAMPED Envelope so we can return you receipt to you.

  1. You may mail your payments to Southampton Township Tax Collector, 5 Retreat Road, Southampton, NJ 08088.
  2. You could also drop your payment off in our outside mail box which is checked daily.  The Mail box is located along the curb nearest to the parking lot. You can just drive up and not have to get out of your car.
  3. You may also use our website for payments ( ) there is a small convenience fee of $1.05 if you are using your checking information, that can be credited to your account for the following quarter. If you use a debit or credit card, this fee will NOT be credited to the next quarter.


If you need a PTR 1 or PTR 2 filled out, please call the tax office and provide which form you need and it will be sent to you. This form can also be emailed if preferred.  PTR applications are due to the State on or before November 2nd but there might be an extension.

If you have any questions, you can call the Tax Office at 609-859-3232.

Or you can email us at

Thank You

Southampton Township Tax Office