Gypsy Moth

Southampton is a Wooded Community

As such, Gypsy Moth infestation is always a risk, and some years, it can be a public emergency.   In the event of an emergency, outbreak or potential outbreak, up-to-date information will be posted on this page.

Even during non-emergency situations, home and landowners should make themselves aware of the risks of Gypsy Moth, how to recognize the larva, how to report potential outbreaks and ways to safe and legally protect their trees.

Links & Useful Information

Homeowner’s Guide to Gypsy Moth Management – 19-page pdf. version of a publication of West Virginia University Extension Service.

2008 SPRAY TARGET AREAS IN SOUTHAMPTON (Revised February, 2008 – MAP)

Link to GYPSY MOTH ALERT – A Comprehensive private web site

New Jersey Dept. of Agriculture Gypsy Moth Suppression section

Article: Ways YOU can keep Gypsy Moths Under Control

Contact Information for Private Spray Vendors