Grass Cut It and Leave It

What To Do With Cut Grass?

The objective of these programs is to get residents to leave grass clippings on the lawn when they mow as grass clippings provide a natural and healthy fertilizer for a growing lawn. The NJDEP, Bureau of Pesticide Operations and the Center for Turf grass Science advocate this approach to lawn care. By cutting your lawn short and removing the clippings, you are robbing your lawn of its own natural fertilizer and creating a waste that must be hauled away for disposal or recycling by a truck. This, of course, adds to the negative environmental impact of this practice since disposal vehicles use fuel and produce air pollution. By cutting your lawn higher and leaving the clippings on the lawn, you can use less water, fertilizer and pesticides, and expose yourself to fewer toxic materials.

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NJ Department of Environmental Permission Brochure on Grass Recycling

Information from the Burlington County Recycling  RECYCLE … naturally – Grass, Cut It and Leave It – An Environmentally Friendly Lawn Maintenance Program.

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Burlington County Grass Recycling Brochure

Rutgers Brochure – Minimizing Waste Disposal Grass Clippings