Message from Mayor Mikulski – May 15, 2020

Fellow Southampton residents.

I again hope this update finds you and your family safe and well.  We have a few updates for you this week:

  1. Resource Recovery Complex (County Dump) – the Complex has re-opened to the public.  Hours of operation can be found on the Complex’ website:
  2. Memorial Day – we know many residents are asking about the plans for Memorial Day.  An announcement will be posted on the Township’s website on Wednesday, May 20th.
  3. Beaches – as you likely heard, New Jersey beaches have opened.  Each municipality will establish its own rules on numbers allowed on the beaches, etc.  Check with the Shore-town Municipality for that information.
  4. We appreciate the continued compliance with social distancing for those enjoying the walking path and other Township properties.  Please continue to enjoy these areas safely.  The tennis courts are re-opened but again, please maintain social distancing when using the Courts.  The US Tennis Association recommends modified rule changes for safe play, including not changing sides and also using the racquet and your foot to pick up tennis balls instead of your hands.
  5. If you need to reach Township employees in the Municipal building, we suggest you call first and that way we can make sure the proper employees are available to provide assistance.  Thank you, again, for your patience.
  6. Finally, Burlington County has created a mobile app for COVID-19 and Board of Health updates.  Information can be found on the Township website.

Thank you again for looking out for each other and making sure the impact upon Southampton is as limited as possible.

Mike Mikulski