Mayor Mikulski – Update on COVID-19 – March 27th

March 27, 2020

Fellow Southampton Residents,

On behalf of the entire Township Committee, our Administrator, and all our employees, we want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the impact of the restrictions on the services provided by the Township.  I’d also like to extend a special thank you to the Public Works department particularly for the efforts to keep the trash pickup on schedule.

Regarding trash – please help the Public Works department by ensuring your trash is placed inside sealed/tied trash bags.  Trash should not be dumped “loose” into cans at the curb.  Also, as a reminder, the Township has a weight limit of 45 pounds per trash can.

We wanted to provide you with an update from the State.  Governor Murphy has signed Executive Order #110 which requires all child care centers in New Jersey to close effective April 1, 2020 UNLESS the center serves the children of essential workers.  Child care centers who serve the children of essential workers must certify that operation by TODAY.  The form for this certification can be found at:

If you have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which include masks, face shields, eye protective goggles, and/or cleaning supplies, please reach out to the Township as we are looking to obtain more of this equipment, which as you know is currently under great demand.

Sewer departments throughout the County have seen an increase in clogged pipes and sewage back-ups as people flush cleaning wipes and baby wipes into the sewer system.  Please throw these items in the trash and avoid flushing them down your toilets.

The NJ State Police has warned of scams involving the virus outbreak and the checks that may be issued by the Federal Government.  Please be vigilant in looking at any offer that comes to you by mail, phone, text or e-mail.  If you are uncertain, please ask someone you trust to review the offer or before “clicking” on any link contained in electronic correspondence.  Always be careful before clicking any link in an email, particularly if the email does not address you by name.

Two websites that you may find useful.  First, the State of NJ has a website for COVID-19 Rumor Control and Disinformation.  It can be found here:  The second is a listing of employers in New Jersey who are currently hiring.  The New Jersey Jobs and Hiring Portal can be found at:

Finally, we have been advised by the County Department of Health of one positive test in Southampton.  As a reminder, maintain social distancing, avoid gatherings, avoid touching your face and wash your hands often and thoroughly.

Please feel free to reach the Township if you need assistance (609-859-2736).  We are all in this together!

Mike Mikulski, Mayor