Southampton Neighborhoods

Picture Southampton Township as a wedge of pie, the wider crust-rim side on the west and the tip of the slice of pie to the east at Four Mile Circle. Three major highways pass through Southampton Township. An 8 mile section of Route 206 bisects the Township, extending north to south from mile marker 24 to just before mile marker 16. At the northern tip of the township, Route 38 (becoming Rt. 530 at Rt. 206) extends from west to east for a little less than three miles. In the southern portion of the township, Route 70 extends from west to east for a little over ten miles between mile markers 16 and 26 (at the Four Mile Circle).

Southampton Township, NJ 08088
In order to locate the “neighborhoods” listed below, we have worked first on the East side of Rt. 206 from North to South, then on the West side of Rt. 206 from North to South. As a rural community, in addition to the various “developments” there are homes and farms scattered throughout the Township between these developments.

Top 5 Neighborhoods by Size

 LeisureTowne – 2,255 homes and approximately 3,800 residents

Mobile Estates – 325 homes and approximately 700 residents

Ewansville & Crescent Heights – 232 homes

Village of Vicentown – 209 homes and approximately 750 residents

Hampton Lakes – 195 homes

East of Route 206

North of Rt. 38/530

Ewansville/Crescent Heights – Ewansville is located at the northernmost tip of Southampton on Rt. 206 and connects with Crescent Heights on the opposite side of Mobile Estates, with primary access from Route 530 – Total homes: 232.

Mobile Estates325 units – Population: 700. Off Rt. 206 at mile marker 24.

South of Rt. 38/530

Buddtown Small community with colonial origins east of Vincentown – 26 residences.

CedarwyckLocated off Ridge Road – 50 residences.

RetreatSmall crossroads community south-east of Vincentown at the intersection of Retreat Road and Big Hill Road.

Ridge Tree – Located at intersection of Ridge and New Roads – 67 residences.

RidgewayAdjacent to Ridge Tree – 18 residences.

 Liesuretown and Hampton Lakes in Southampton, New JerseyAir-view picture of Liesuretowne and Hampton Lakes 

Liesuretowne Guarded Adult Community of 2,255 homes and approximately 3,800 residents.  Entrance on Route 70 mile marker 21.

Hampton Lakes195 units; located off Route 70 between mile marker 20 & 21.

Mill Chase – Located off Burrs Mill Road near Rt. 70 at mile marker 23 – Total residences: 29.

Tranquility Ridge – Located off Route 70 at mile marker 25 – Total residences: 39.

Ongs Hat Area of Southampton with fabled history – Located near Four Mile Circle at eastern-most tip of the Township.

South of R0ute 70

Burrs Mill Estates/Cranberry RunLocated off Rt. 70 at mile marker 21 – Total residences: 82.

Sooy Place/Medford Park (sometimes referred to as “The Avenues”) – Located off Sooy Place Road just above Tabernacle and Woodland borders – Total residences: 89.


West of Route 206

South of Route 38

Southampton MeadowsLocated off Newbolds Corner Road – Total residences: 7

Vincentown Village in Southampton, New JerseyAir-view picture of Vincentown Village 

Vincentown VillageHistoric town center – 209 residences; Population c. 750; Governmental center; several churches; elementary and middle schools; library; historic buildings and homes; historic center on National and State registers of historic buildings; recreational facilities; military monuments; nestled on Vincentown Millpond, just off Rt. 206.

 MeadowyckLocated off Church Road beyond Village of Vincentown – 58 residences.

The Ridings of SouthamptonLocated off Chairville Road, near Church Road – Total residences: 58.

Estate Meadows Located off Eayrestown-Red Lion Road near Red Lion – 12 residences.

Red LionHistoric crossroads community near Red Lion Circle.

 South of Route 70

Pricketts Mill HeightsLocated at southwestern tip of Southampton Township at Medford/Tabernacle border. Portions in Tabernacle Twp. – Total residences: 14.

Eagles MereLocated on Southampton/Tabernacle border off Hawkin Rd. Portions in Tabernacle Twp. – Total residnces: 103.