Message from Mayor Mikulski – May 22, 2020

Fellow Southampton Residents:

Happy Friday afternoon as we approach the “unofficial” start of summer with Memorial Day Weekend.  On behalf of the Township Committee, Ms. Hoffman and all of our Township employees, we hope this finds you healthy and well.  We have a few things to put out, information-wise, today:

1.       Memorial Day Parade – as you know, we in Southampton have a long tradition of honoring our Country and our fallen Servicemen and Servicewomen who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our great nation.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us, and all other Municipalities in New Jersey to alter our longstanding traditions surrounding Memorial Day.  However, Southampton has the longest consecutive Memorial Day parade in New Jersey, a tradition that did not waver during World War I or World War II or any other national emergency, so we feel obligated to keep the tradition going.  Due to the restrictions imposed upon all of New Jersey, we will not have the traditional Memorial Day events, but we will honor America by maintaining the traditions as follows:

·         We will begin as we do every year with a wreath laying ceremony at the memorial at Harry Thompson field on Red Lion road at 8:00am.  A color guard will be present and Taps will be played.

·         From there, we will move to the Baptist Cemetery on Landing Street for a wreath ceremony.

·         The third wreath ceremony will be at the Methodist Cemetery in town

·         The fourth wreath ceremony will be at the Grange building on Main Street.

·         Following the ceremony at the Grange, the color guard and the Township Committee will parade from the Grange to the Memorial on North Main Street for the final wreath ceremony.  This will keep our tradition alive and allow us to honor Memorial Day once again.

·         If you live on Main Street and would like to honor the Flag as we make our way to the Memorial, please feel free to do so while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

2.       Outdoor gatherings – the State has altered the limit on outdoor gatherings from 10 to 25.  Social distancing restrictions remain.


3.       Overall the COVID-19 numbers are decreasing throughout Burlington County.  As a reminder, you can find statistics on the impact upon Burlington County at:

4.       The Recycling yard and bulk trash “yard” will re-open on Saturday June 6th between 8am-noon.  It will then resume being open on the first and third Saturday of each month.

5.       Finally, on Tuesday, the Township Committee unanimously passed the 2020 Municipal budget.  We are very pleased to report that for the third consecutive year, the budget includes no increase for municipal taxes.  As most of you know, the portion of your tax dollars that comprise the Municipal tax is under 15%.  This tax rate was not increased.  Thank you to our employees for their continued diligence in working effectively and looking for ways to reduce expenses.

Again, best wishes for an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend.  Stay safe.

Mike Mikulski, Mayor

FEMA Grants Available

New Jersey DR-4488-NJ – OEM

Dear State, County, City, Township, or local government official,

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is providing financial assistance, in the form of Public Assistance (PA) Grants, to the State of New Jersey for DR-4488-NJ. To satisfy its compliance responsibilities, FEMA’s Region II Environmental & Historic Preservation Branch (EHP) has created the attached public notice for Executive Order (EO) 11988 (Floodplains), EO 11990 (Wetlands) and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (Section 106). The public notice is for FEMA funded actions that are located in a floodplain or wetland or may affect listed or eligible historic properties related to the COVID-19 Response (DR-4488-NJ). Funded actions include but are not limited to: temporary testing sites, temporary Alternate Care Facilities (ACF), temporary storage sites and temporary mortuary sites.
Due to the circumstances of the current emergency, FEMA is deviating from its standard practice of posting the public notice in newspapers across the state and is instead posting and distributing the public notice only electronically in accordance with the flexibility granted to FEMA in the implementing regulations for Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (36 CFR §§ 800.2, 3) and Executive Orders 11988 & 11990 (44 CFR § 9.8).

To provide the public an opportunity to comment on the actions described above, FEMA is posting the public notice on the FEMA DR-4488-NJ website ( for a minimum of 15 days. In addition, FEMA is requesting your assistance by posting this public notice on your State (NJ OEM) and County or Municipal websites, where public notices are normally viewed. If possible, we recommend that you also post hard copies in open public facilities or offices (post offices, county or municipal offices or other locations) that have posting boards for community members that may not have internet service. An address and email address are provided in the public notice for any comments that the public wishes to submit to FEMA EHP.
We thank you for assisting FEMA EHP in meeting our compliance responsibilities during this difficult time.

Message from Mayor Mike Mikulski

Fellow Southampton Residents,

As always, on behalf of the entire Township Committee, our Administrator, Ms. Hoffman and all of our Township employees we hope this email finds you safe and healthy.  We empathize with those among us who have relatives and friends impacted by the COVID-19 virus.  We continue to urge you to maintain social distancing and follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC and the State/County Boards of Health.  Until the pandemic is behind us, we will continue to provide you with weekly updates of information and will post all updates to the Township webpage and to Facebook.  We will also distribute through Nixle.  If you are not familiar with Nixle, it is a service that pushes information to Residents who request to participate.  You can sign up for the updates on the home page of the Township website.

This week’s information:

TESTING – if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, you are eligible for FREE testing through the County.  Call 609-726-7097 between 9am and 5pm to schedule a test.  Reminder, if you are having difficulty breathing or have significant pain/tightening in the chest – call 9-1-1 or your doctor immediately.

CAR INSPECTION – the motor vehicle inspection station remains closed.  The closure has been extended until at least May 11th.  Many Motor Vehicle issues can be resolved online at

YARD CLEAN UP – as a reminder, yard waste such as sticks, leaves, grass clippings, etc. should not be placed with the trash for regular pick up.  Please place in bags or cans separately at the edge of the curb/yard and call the Township for pick up.  While it is unlikely the pick-up will be the same day, your address will be placed in line for removal of these items.

COUNTY RESOURCE RECOVERY COMPLEX – the complex remains closed to the public.

RECYCLABLES – the Township recycling containers are available between 8:45 – 3:45 Monday-Friday.  Please maintain social distancing from each other and from staff at the site.

Thank you to all Residents for the cooperation with Federal, State and Local guidelines.  Stay safe!

Mike Mikulski, Mayor

Message from Mayor Mikulski – April 17, 2020

Fellow Southampton Residents,

It’s hard to believe it is already the middle of April as we continue with the travel and social distancing restrictions.

As part of our weekly update, on behalf of the Township Committee and Ms. Hoffman our Administrator, we first and foremost hope each of you and your families are healthy and well.  Although we have somewhat limited resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Township if we can offer any assistance.

Regarding positive cases in the Township and in the County, do not allow rumors to guide your concerns.  The County website lists all recorded cases by municipality.  That website is located at:  In terms of how we measure against other municipalities in the County, we appear to be about where we would be expected in terms of cases per population.

NO DECISION has, as yet, been made regarding the Memorial Day parade.  We cherish our Memorial Day traditions in Southampton and we are optimistic that restrictions will be modified to allow for the ceremonies and parade.  All updates will be posted to the Township website.

A few other updates for this week.

          COVID-19 testing.  Testing is available at the County level for all residents who are experiencing symptoms.  Call the testing hotline at 609-726-7097 between 9am – 5pm

          The County Landfill and Resource Recover Complex is currently closed to the public.  We will update the website when it re-opens

          If you own a business that is looking for resources for COVID-19 related relief, the County Bridge Commission has a program available to small businesses.  The details can be found at:

We are in regular communication with County and State Department of Health representatives.  Any information we obtain will be posted to the website, and we will continue these updates on a weekly basis, and more often should important information be provided.

Finally – please help our Public Works Department employees stay safe.  Keep all trash in bags, not loose in the cans.  Please double bag broken glass and kitty litter if possible.  Please also limit your trash cans to no more than 45 pounds.  While we understand many of us have gotten a jump start on Spring cleaning and landscaping, a reminder about the weight of the cans and that yard waste (leaves, sticks, etc.) should NOT be placed for trash pick-up.  Instead, place separately at the curb and call the Township.

Please continue to maintain social distancing and be smart.  Please also check on your neighbors, especially those that live alone.  Thank you and Stay Safe!

Mike Mikulski, Mayor

Property Taxes Due May 1st

Dear Southampton Residents,

This a reminder that taxes are due May 1, 2020, you have a 10 day grace period. The last day of grace period will be on MONDAY, May 11, 2020.

If you have already paid or have a mortgage company that pays your taxes please disregard this notice. 

The taxes are still going to be due on May 1ST, the State doesn’t currently have any plans on being able to extend the grace period past the normal 10 days at this current time.

During this time, the office is CLOSED to the public. There are a few options on payments (see the list below). For anyone wanting or need receipts, please leave/send the ENTIRE Tax Bill and a Self-Addressed STAMPED Envelope so we can return you receipt to you.

  1. You may mail your payments to Southampton Township Tax Collector, 5 Retreat Road, Southampton, NJ 08088.
  2. You could also drop your payment off in our outside mail box which is checked daily.  The Mail box is located along the curb nearest to the parking lot. You can just drive up and not have to get out of your car.
  3. You may also use our website for payments ( ) there is a small convenience fee of $1.05 if you are using your checking information, that can be credited to your account for the following quarter. If you use a debit or credit card, this fee will NOT be credited to the next quarter.


If you need a PTR 1 or PTR 2 filled out, please call the tax office and provide which form you need and it will be sent to you. This form can also be emailed if preferred.  PTR applications are due to the State on or before November 2nd but there might be an extension.

If you have any questions, you can call the Tax Office at 609-859-3232.

Or you can email us at

Thank You

Southampton Township Tax Office